Neurographica in a nutshell

Neurographica is an effective art modality open to everyone. Rapidly evolving and gaining popularity, it has been developed and formalised by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev in 2014.

One of the main benefits of Neurographica is that it provides you with the direct access to your inner self. No need to talk, no need to verbally define anything, no need to share your emotions with anyone.

Neurographica is a straightforward method, easy to explain, that brings very fast results to those who try it. Clearly defined steps that one has to follow contribute to a stress-free onboarding and to an enjoyable and satisfying process of drawing, followed by fast and inevitable positive changes in people’s lives.

The author of the method calls Neurographica "a creative method of world transformation". It helps to change our reality through engaging our emotional and aesthetic intelligence for finding solutions to a variety of problems.

The word ‘Neurographica’ comprises two words: neuron = “a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body and that is the basic unit of the nervous system”; and ‘graphics’= “the artistic use of pictures, shapes, and words”.

On the brain level solving a problem means “switching on” a number of neurons that connect to each other. The more neurons connected into a network are involved in the task, the more energy we have to approach it, the more motivated we are. Drawing according to Neurographica algorithms helps us to engage more neurons.

Image by Gerry Shaw/Creative Commons

From a graphic perspective, neural networks are represented by circle-like shapes connected by lines.They looks like any natural structure (e.g. atoms, molecules, etc.)

Spiral Galaxy M101. Image credit: NASA

If one looks at the graphic representation of our universe, they will see the same circles and lines.

Neurographica has a set of graphic algorithms that help to solve various problems and achieve the desired results through connecting people to their inner source of neuron energy. In my next posts I'll be explaining in more details neurographic techniques and the basic algorithm.

Keep tuned!

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